Personal Post: 5 Things I’ve Learned By 25


November 15, 2016


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Today is my 25th birthday…. 25th! To some (mainly my younger siblings) I am now “old” to others I “haven’t even lived yet”. I agree with both sides of the arguments. I am young, but I have also lived long enough to learn some valuable lessons. In celebration, I have pulled together some of the thoughts that have helped me make it through long nights and difficult crossroads. I hope maybe these speak to someone reading this far.

It is Never too Late to Change the Path You are on

Maybe it was the corny inspirational posters that decorated the rooms of my High School or maybe I took a nod from my father who drastically changed his career path in his 40s. Either way, I have learned that people don’t have to be just one thing or be the thing they spent years thinking they would be. Life changes, and with that, identities change and sometimes ultimately what we “do” changes. Whatever the reason is, it’s OK and let me tell you…. It can be a fun ride! 

You have only Failed if you didn’t Try

As one of my favorite authors, Liz Gilbert says, “Inspiration owes you nothing” and if anything, you owe inspiration, your efforts, and your ideas to the world. I have realized that the ultimate failure is to pass on your dream and leave it lying dormant due to fear. Fear of the unknown, fear of failing, whatever it may be.  BUT here’s the good news.. once you are practicing your dream and doing what you love, you have only failed if you stop trying!


Give it your all.

Give more than expected.

Give more than you take whether that be love, knowledge, kindness, hard work.

Give to others.

Give thanks in notes, passing by, and prayer.

Give yourself grace, time, and kindness too. 

“Keep the Blinders On”

The word “blinders” is equestrian lingo that I have worked into a saying since I started my business. Blinders are literally materials attached to the sides of horse’s eyes to keep it from seeing anything on either side. By covering part of the horse’s vision it makes sure that the horse will not only stay on course but is more likely to take chances that it would not normally take when instructed by its rider. To me, this is gold! Sure, there is an element of competition to everything but envy is the killer of dreams. Keep the blinders on, compete against yourself. There is room enough for everyone to run their own race. 

You’re (SO) Worth it

I hope this is self explanatory. In case it’s not enough remember, you are not in kindergarten. You do not need a permission slip to do what you want! DO it! 

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