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We are a couple who finds great joy in creating and capturing connection and beauty wherever we go.


Hey I’m Kelly And I Am So Happy That You Are Here!  

I am a wedding photographer living in the hot and steamy state of Texas. Obsessed with: Coconut La Croix, candles, and coffee! I’ve been loving life since 1991! 

Finding and feeling and preserving the meaning. 


You want someone in your court. Your own cheerleader. The one who will put you first on the day you need it the most. Sure you have a maid of honor but what if you had two. That’s who I want to be for you.

I believe in love, family, faith, and REAL connection. I will plan with you, I will cheer for you and your marriage, I will even dance with you, but It is my hope that we will have a relationship with you. I want to be your friend and someone you can really count on and have a cup of coffee with laughing at how crazy this all is.


I am a wedding photographer. My wants are the same as yours; beautiful, timeless never forgotten photography that will endure decades. These photos will last way long after our time together. These will be the photos you will show your grandchildren and great grandchildren. Their eyes will not only widen at the sight of how amazingly beautiful you are, but they will also get a front row seat to your love story and be inspired without ever being there for the half of it. These are the photos you will share on your 10th, 20th, and 50th+ wedding anniversary party. It is also my sincerest hope that these are the photos you pull out not only the happiest of times but in the challenging times too. The times when we need a little perspective and a look back on memories and to see how far we have come. Photos will no longer be just “photos”. They are and will be living, breathing, never dying love in the closest it will ever be to tangible form.

If you are two kindred spirits in love who want adventure and to make a legacy to be told, you are in the right place. The ones who think the best conversations are held over a drink or warm coffee with a crackling fire going, say hello!  HECK if you’re in my neck of the woods, come over! There is a cup of coffee with your name on it.

Either way,  I can not wait to meet you!  Get in Touch HERE! 


I live in a little town called San Marcos Texas and regularly serve the Austin and Central Texas area weekly! I serve the greater Houston, Texas area monthly. Not in Texas? Great! I serve out of state clients a few times a year, and I would love if you were one of them! My photography travels have taken me to Colorado, Mexico, Marfa, Oklahoma and Washington. My passport is ready  and I even have special pricing for a few locations on my bucket list! 

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