Brazoswood High School Senior: Molly Kuettel


March 25, 2016


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It is March and Molly is already on Mountain time… 

With her High School graduation on the horizon, Molly is looking forward to the future. A swimming star, she is excited to already have been accepted to the University of Denver. Not only will she be going to a gorgeous campus, she has also earned herself a coveted spot on the university’s swim team! In the meantime, along with swim practice, she is enjoying her last few month’s of High School and days spent with family and friends.

I had a wonderful time taking Molly’s senior photos! We did what I like to call a “tour of the hometown area” exploring a local park, always interesting downtown Freeport, Texas, and a lovely finish at the ocean. Thank you Molly for choosing me as your senior photographer! I had a fabulous time! 

Taylor, I mean Molly, has the most gorgeous hair! (She instantly reminded me of  Taylor Swift)! 

Molly is just gorgeous! She is a strong athlete and looks like a supermodel! 

Seriously…Molly go on with your beauty!!

Molly has the best laugh and danced around in the waves. I had so much fun at this shoot! 

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