Galveston Engagement Photographer: Nathalie and Brian


July 2, 2016


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She came to the United States from Germany…

as an exchange student. Nathalie would happen to be living in the same small town, going to the same High School, and be in the same grade as Brian. While attending school, Nathalie and Brian met at a fundraiser through a mutual friend. They had an instant connection and everyone could see the sparks between them. Because Nathalie was an exchange student and would be leaving eventually. They never pursued their feelings and remained friends. As time went on and Nathalie left for Germany, the two remained in touch. Brian went to Germany for spring break and instead of falling for the sights, great food, and German beer, he started to really fall in love with Nathalie! When Nathalie returned to the states, Brian saw his chance… he confessed his love for Nathalie with a Kiss! Nathalie was smitten! Regardless of time zones, the two have been inseparable ever since. 

Three years later on a warm winter trip to Cabo San Lucas, the two enjoyed a sweet and intimate trip together. Brian had other plans for the trip and saw his chance to propose to Nathalie while swimming in the pool. Brian told Nathalie to relax while he went up to the room to get “something”… As he went to the room to get Nathalie’s engagement ring, Brian panicked when he realized that he only had a temp key that would not open the room. After figuring out the situation, 30 minutes had gone by and Nathalie was beginning to wonder what had happened to Brian! When Brian returned, he insisted to Nathalie that they should catch the sunset on the beach together. As the blue skies faded to orange and pink, the two walked along the shore, the waves crashed over their breath and words. But Brian had something to say… In German, Brian asked Nathalie to marry him and to be his forever…Nathalie said YES and was overjoyed! 

On a warm day in Galveston, Texas, Nathalie and Brian met me on The Strand for their engagement photos. The two, kind and cute as can be, smiled and laughed the whole time. I have watched the couple from a distance blossom into the cutest and tightest bond ever. It was a joy to capture their engagement photos and I can not wait for their wedding next year! 

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