Gruene, Texas Engagement Session: Mary Catherine + Beau


December 16, 2016


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It all began in charming downtown San Marcos, Texas… around 1:00 am in the morning. 

Mary Catherine was enjoying a night out with two friends, and because she was only 20,  she was the honorary designated driver. After a night of fun, the three were walking back to their car when they heard and saw a tall man yell out, “Hey! Don’t move.”

He was yelling at Mary Catherine and as she got ready to defend herself, she saw that his friend was bleeding down his leg. The man who shouted came running across the street-Mary Catherine anticipating that he would ask for help from the girls… but little did Mary Catherine know that this shouting stranger would eventually be her future husband. 

Instead of asking for help, Beau (the shouting stranger) said that he wouldn’t be able to leave that night without telling Mary Catherine how beautiful she was! Swoon!! She blushed and the two picked up a small conversation. But even though they had exchanged numbers, Mary Catherine didn’t think anything would come from it. Beau texted her the next morning and the two started to get to know one another. Valentine’s Day happened to be that week and Beau texted her letting her know that he was going to run by her apartment really quick. Since he lived down the street, Beau literally ran to her apartment and dripping in sweat asked Mary Catherine to be his valentine! He showed up the next day with flowers and the two had their first date at Gruene River Grill-the same place where Beau proposed 3 years and 5 months later.

Mary Catherine and Beau are just as sweet as they sound! They are both hardworking and lovable souls. I can not wait to photograph their wedding in Concan, Texas! 

For more photos and a slideshow CLICK HERE! 

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