San Marcos Firestation & Lakeside Engagement: Amber + Ross


April 4, 2016


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They had chemistry…

Chemistry ll together that is…both were taking the course in a classroom of over 200 students. Amber being a diligent student and looking for extra guidance, attended the course’s optional S.I. session. When she walked in to the room, there were only 3 other people that had attended out of the 200. Ross was one of them. Ross was immediately taken aback by Amber’s beauty and even says that he cracked a cute joke that went embarrassedly unnoticed by a focused Amber.  After the session, Amber waited for her ride. She saw Ross walk out of the building and walk the opposite way…then he turned around and walked straight to her and introduced himself. While taking the course, the two became study buddies and lab partners. Amber says that “conversation was so easy and Ross was so SMART”! Ross asked Amber out to be his girlfriend the night before her 22nd birthday! 

One night on the couch, Ross and Amber were talking about the future. Ross wanted to take Amber to Europe….Amber liked the idea, but she had never even been on a plane. But Ross doesn’t say something unless he means it! On his off days he worked a job at Delta Airlines to get travel benefits..and soon he had a trip planned out for the two of them…PARIS, Ireland, & Belgium! Paris was the first stop. The first day, they planned a cute picnic in front of the Eiffel Tower…Ross had other plans too..He had a ring and was going to ask Amber to marry him! 

They were approached by a man who asked for a wine opener. Despite his thick accent, Ross wanted the proposal filmed on his go pro..he wanted to ask the man to film the proposal. After the man had gone back to sit with his wife, Ross said to Amber, “I’m going to ask him to take our photo”. Ross came back and posed with Amber…then down on one knee. Amber was so excited she jumped and cursed with joy! She said, “YES!”. Moments after, it started raining! 

Ross and Amber are an amazing couple! I am proud to call them both friends and can not wait for their wedding day! To see more photos and their slideshow, click HERE! 

Ross is a firefighter in San Marcos, Texas, so we started the shoot at the fire station! 

They met in a Texas State Chemistry ll course, San Marcos is an important town to the two but they love adventure! 

Amber is gorgeous! She catches the eye of everyone she meets! 

Amber go onnn with your beauty! 

Ross is a natural born protector and adventurer…Amber is in good hands! 

They are a gorgeous couple! 

We ended the shoot in the same way their proposal went, a picnic and a gorgeous view! 

The two will be married this August in…..Colorado!! Thank you Ross and Amber for taking me along for the journey..forever grateful. 

Thank you Ross and Amber for a gorgeous day filled with laughs and our own little adventure. I can not wait for your wedding day! 

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