Austin Texas Engagement Session: Zac + Haley


October 14, 2016


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As Haley sat in the band section at a high school football game,  she saw the rival team’s drum major and was captivated.  She liked his tan skin and smile.  She didn’t know who he was, but she wasn’t the only one who was interested, either.  While the other girls in the band were deciding who had “dibs” on him,  Haley sat quietly thinking that she would never see him again.  

A few years later, Haley was in college.  She was back home for Thanksgiving break and chose to spend an evening with friends at a small reunion.  A few hours into the hangout,  a guy walked in who was so familiar to Haley but she couldn’t quite remember where she knew him from.  After a few moments,  she realized that he was the charming drum major who got away.  Haley wasted no time and struck up a conversation,  which led to them getting to know each other over the course of the holiday break.  When it came time to head back to school,  Haley wondered if it was just going to be another forever goodbye. Fortunately,  they continued to talk to each other long distance, and began dating soon after.

Fast forward two years,  it’s spring break,  and Zac and Haley are both living in Austin and in love.  After spending some time with their friends outdoors,  Zac arranged a date for the two of them.  They went to dinner and then to the green Vic Mathias Shores Park for a walk and fresh air.  It felt like the perfect date.  What Haley didn’t know was that Zac planned to propose to her.. he even invited her family and closest friends to bear witness.  Zac romantically proposed to Haley in her favorite alcove in the park. As she covered her mouth and said “YES”, friends and family hugged and congratulated the happy couple! Pure joy! 

On a sunny Austin day, we set out for Haley and Zac’s engagement session.  I was warm and humid, but the couple kept it cool with their fashion and fun spirit! Zac and Haley, thank you so much for having us as your photographers. This session only makes me more excited for your wedding day!! 

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